Making Democracy Work


We sponsor meetings and events for the public and League members. Celebrating 100 years of votes for women

Date & Time        Place        Description
Wednesday, December 4, 2019
11:30-1:30 pm
Bridgehampton Commons
Membership Committee meeting. New Members Party 11/13 Recap New Members attended: Isabel, Stephanie Snider, Eileen Mercer, Sara Bertha, Bonnie Doyle Committee members attended: Estelle, Joanne, Judy, Glorian, Lynn, Bev, Doreen, Vicki Guest attendee: Susan Wilson What worked-roundtable discussion, committee work and "what is the league" What could work better-to be setup before anyone arrives FeedBack Sara Bertha offered her youth group to work with Voter Services on Registration Bonnie Doyle offered her church group to work with Voter Services on Registration All New Members were interested in information to attend Board Meetings All New Members agreed the League needs to reinforce we are a "non-partisan" organization.

Dues Rate Increase We should recommend dues rate increase for a vote at the December 4, 2019 meeting. Can Joanne make the recommendation?

Ambassador Program Bev-John Jermaine Library Lynn-Southampton Library Doreen-Amagansett Library

2019 New Members status Loring Bolger- Jean Mackenzie- Lynn Dawson-Membership Ambassador Program Ivy Miller-asked to withdraw her profile in The Voter Dale Grant- Sandra Schoenbart- Stephanie Snider-Education Running&Winning

Profiles for The Voter Traditionally New Members, are there others we should profile?

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
2:00 pm
Senior Center on Sag Harbor Tpk
Board of Directors monthly meeting. AGENDA BOARD MEETING OF December 4, 2019 2:00 - 2:05 Call to Order 2:05 - 2:10 Approval of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of 11/6/19 2:10 - 2:20 Treasurer's Report 2:20 - 2:30 Presidents' Report
1. Transition of website to MyLO
2. Revitalization of Natural Resources Committee
3. SCLWV Post-election luncheon Inn
4. Manor House Ribbon-cutting: 12/6 at noon 2:30 - 3:00 Items for Discussion/Action
1. Venue for 2020 Board meetings
2. Holiday Party
3. Program Planning Meeting
4. Annual Meeting
5. Future events/PIMs: Jan., Program Planning; Feb., Blahs; Mar., Gov./Health; April, New officials; May, Annual Meeting; June? August, Teas; September? 3:00 - 3:50 Committee Reports
1. Special Events: Joanne Samborn; Ginny Poveromo
2. Education: Judi Roth; Terese Wildrick
3. Electronic Media: Judy Samuelson
4. Government: Cathy Peacock
5. Health: Valerie King - attached
6. Membership: Joanne Samborn; Vicki Umans
7. Publicity: Arlene Hinkemeyer
8. 100th Anniversary Committee: Arlene Hinkemeyer
9. Voter Services: Barbara McClancy 3:50 - 4:00 New Business Up-coming Events: December 6: Manor House ribbon-cutting @noon December 11: Holiday Party

Deadline for February-March Voter: January 15 Next Board Meeting: January 8 @ 2 pm; venue to be determined

100 Years and more relevant than ever


November 19, 2019...Anniversary of LWV of NY State

February 14, 2020... Anniversary of National LWV

August 26, 2020...Anniversary of official certification of ratification of the 19th Amendment by US Secretary of State

Scenes from LWVH activities

l to r: J. Samuelson, C. Peacock, A. Sandford, C. Mellor, E. Gellman
Panel from Government Committee present information about Constitutional Convention

Government committee presents results of their study of Money in Politics. Consensus meeting will follow January 22 2016

Rain couldn't dampen enjoyment of Sag Harbor Tour
May 22 tour of Sag Harbor

A debate for East Hampton Council candidates

The Southampton Council candidates debate

Past Years LWVH Calendars